Jun 23 2022 — Responsibility

From the heart of our founder

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From the heart of our founder

Our founder Steve Hamel has lived and worked in China for over 30 years. Now based in Los Angeles with his family – he has always found space in his heart for life and culture on both sides of the pacific.

It started as a test with our recycled plastic knit yarn .... We mixed a whole bunch of colors together and it turned out that the mixture was very rainbow like.

the results of our original tests were so vivid and bold that we simply had to use them in our first collecton. The real story behind 'the why' is much deeper however.

China is a beautiful, community driven country with so many kind and clever qualities, but there are some cultural elements that just allow for kindness, openness and love. 

Our rainnbow knit was a provocation to us that we (in the US) have a community where we can be proud of who we are no matter how we identify or who we love.

"I'm just so proud of how – in the USA – a CEO of the largest company on the planet can live, love and work as an openly gay man"

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