Because great minds think alike...

What is Clarino®, Lava™, and NatureTex®?

Clarino® is a non-woven microfiber leather that replaces animal leather and gives Third Mind shoes durability, stretch, and recovery for the ultimate shoe performance. We use Clarino® Tirrenina™ because of the solvent-free manufacturing process, reduction of water waste by 70%, and reduction of CO2 emissions by 35%. Plus it feels luxurious on your feet!

Sciessent® Lava™ is a bluesign®-approved product  that harnesses the power of zeolites to capture and trap odors in a wide array of products from apparel to pet products. These materials are commonplace in the footwear market, and we love using it to give you breathability underfoot and even if you tend to get a funk on, we think you’ll be pleased with its odor controlling properties. We use Sciessent® Lava™ in our footbeds as a standalone product to keep poisonous antimicrobial chemicals away from you and to keep your Third Minds fresh.

bluesign®-approved products must meet strict ecological and toxicological requirements to meet the bluesign criteria. When properly applied, these products yield a minimum impact on people and the environment.

NatureTex® is lining material made from 100% recycled water bottles. The strobel and inside board of your Third Mind shoes contain 70% recycled materials. Of that 70%, 80% is from recycled plastic water bottles and the rest is from recycled post-industrial materials. 


What Is Your Return Policy?

If you’re not 100% happy with the wear, comfort, or quality of your Third Mind Shoes, please return them within 30 days to us and we’ll be sure to do better next time. As long as you tell us why, no questions asked! Visit wearethirdmind.com/pages/returns to learn more or to request a new return label.

Been the proud owner of Third Mind shoes for more than 30 days but something unexplained happened? Email hello@wearethirdmind.com and we will see about fixing or replacing them for ya! 


Are Third Mind Shoes Machine Washable?

Third Mind has a responsibility to prevent the introduction of microplastics into the water supply as much as possible. Until we can create a shoe made of recycled plastic that is fully biodegradable (we’re working on it), we DO NOT endorse washing your kicks. To compensate, we include a second insole with every pair of Third Mind shoes that you can use if they get exceptionally funky.


Are Third Mind Shoes Waterproof?

At this time, Third Mind shoes are not waterproof. Certain chemicals involved in the waterproofing process are harmful to the environment and break down over time which makes them susceptible to being introduced into waterways. We are actively working with energy experts and footwear leaders to create new products that create a waterproof barrier and help us protect the environment. 


What Does 'Community Over Commodity' Mean?

When our products put a smile on your face, you put a smile on the faces of our team of footwear experts. They rely on you for their livelihood. Because of you, they’re able to send their kids to school and be part of building a stronger community.

We also want to empower you to help your own communities. Know of a worthy cause or a problem that needs a solution? Send an email to hello@wearethirdmind.com and tell us all about it. Let’s see what we can do about it together!


How Much Recycled Plastic Is Used In Your Shoes?

You’re helping take about 20 or so water bottles out of landfill and back into useful, meaningful applications.