Aug 1 2020 — Responsibility

Take note of us.

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Staying Top of Mind

Scout has been a favorite of Third Mind and our Creative Director for a long time now. We've always been of the opinion that if we create memorable connections between people, leaving behind something as a small reminder must be useful to the recipient.

Enter Scout Note Books...

We love seeing the way that other responsible manufacturers work and how they make a community and a business from good practices for the planet.

Scout promotes creativity and responsibility in a kind and human way through initiatives such as the Equity Alliance for creative endeavors with their note books. We at Third Mind are inspired and driven by such programs.

The Equity Alliance


The Scout Books Equity Alliance is a volunteer organization supported by Scout Books. Employees donate ideas, time, and creative talents in organizing projects, and Scout Books donates the materials and labor to produce the books.

The Equity Alliance facilitates projects and partnerships that bring awareness to environmental and social causes. By using the Scout Books platform, our goal is to create tools that support equity. We’re excited to continue to grow and evolve this initiative in a social landscape that increasingly needs participation from businesses and organizations willing to make a commitment for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Read more here on Scout's Website >> And keep an eye our for our Third Mind notebooks in the wild, we're so excited to see them in peoples' hands.


As Third Mind grows, we're excited to make more and more connections with brands and organizations that are doing their bit, little-by-little to improve upon the rock we all live upon.

Connect with us or follow us @wearethirdmind if you have ideas of how we could make better products or want to start a responsible collaboration for the planet.